my real name is neva thompson

i am married and 29 years old
my breasts are 34c
my pussy is shaved
i have a Master (not my husband) requiring me to

myself to the public for use, recognition &

i work in a bank in nashville TN
i am to become a whore for public use and exposure

i am giving up the rights to my name, my identity,
my information & my pics
to anyone to own and use in any way that
pleases them to humiliate & expose me including posting any or
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of what happens to me as a result .

anything can be posted about me, my pics altered or captioned,
anything that anyone finds amusing and i will not interfere or deny
anything posted about me

use my name/email to register me on any site and i will confirm
the registration and give the password up to whoever registers me
to use in my name as they wish.

use my email -
please let me know what is being done to and in my name

i do all of this of my own free will

signed: whore neva thompson